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Gemstones and their effects

Jun 09, 2023

Drei Bauchnabelpiercings mit verschiedenen Edelsteinen

Gemstones, also called healing stones, have been used in alternative medicine and esotericism for thousands of years. They are said to transfer certain energies to the wearer and help them improve their physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Which gemstones/minerals can I choose from in the Urban Boho Craft online shop?

With us you will find belly button piercings, septum rings, necklaces, ear weights, toe rings, finger rings and plugs with these gemstones: abalone, agate, amethyst, garnet, jade, onyx, peridot, mother of pearl, tiger eye, turquoise.

There are many different healing stones that are used for different purposes. For example, some stones are used as protective stones and are said to protect against negative energies. Other stones are used to improve concentration or to strengthen self-confidence.

You can carry gemstones close to you as a piece of jewelry. But there are also other ways to use healing stones, such as decorating your home with stones, holding stones in your hand during meditation, or carrying them in your pocket.

Overall, healing stones offer an interesting way to support your own health in a natural way. However, whether they actually have a healing effect remains controversial and must be decided on an individual basis.

Often associated with healing, protection and spiritual cleansing, abalone is seen as a tool to connect to the soul, promote emotional healing and clear negative energies.

Agate is associated with earthiness, stability and balance. It is said to help one find inner peace, absorb negative energies and release emotional blockages.

Amethyst is often considered a stone of clarity, protection and spiritual awakening. It aids meditation, promotes intuition, helps transform negative energies and creates a harmonious balance in the mind.

Garnet is associated with passion, energy and manifestation. It helps to develop inner strength, increase vitality and supports the realization of goals and dreams.

Jade is associated with harmony, prosperity and spiritual balance. It supports the opening of the heart, promotes inner peace and is considered a stone of wisdom and luck.

Often associated with protection, stability and endurance, onyx helps ward off negative energies, promote inner strength and provide a sense of grounding and centeredness.

Peridot is associated with growth, renewal and positive energy. It helps detoxify negative emotions, promotes spiritual development and brings joy and optimism into the life of its wearer.

Mother of Pearl:
Mother of pearl is associated with inner wisdom, intuition and spiritual purity. It helps to connect with the subconscious, release emotional blockages and promote spiritual growth.

Tiger Eye:
Tiger's eye is associated with protection, strength and clarity. It promotes inner stability, supports the manifestation of goals and sharpens the perception of possible dangers or obstacles on the spiritual path.

Turquoise is considered a stone of protection, healing and communication. It promotes connection with higher levels of consciousness, strengthens intuition and supports clear and loving expression.